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Nikolay Marinov

My name is Nikolai Lenkov Marinov. I work in the field of visual arts with a focus on Sculpture.
I graduated my secondary education in Troyan - Profile Ceramics.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Sculpture at the University of Veliko Tarnovo "St. Cyril and Methodius ”and a Master's degree in Sculpture at the National Academy of Arts.
I currently live and work in Sofia.
I have participated in over 50 group exhibitions throughout the country and in several national and international symposiums, where I have presented works from stone and wood. I have been awarded for my sculptures at national competitions.
In my work I use mainly natural materials, such as stone, metal, wood. I experiment with different types and structures of materials and techniques, I study their interaction and look for the right expression and balance. I am inspired by nature, its perfection, completeness and balance. In my work I try to achieve harmony between the constituent elements and to transmit the energy they have.
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