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Vencislav Dikov

About his style: 
“The states of mind and the vast universe of the subconscious are an inexhaustible source for my creative laboratory. I explore the state, in which the mind empowers the body to create, inviting obscure objects inhabiting the subconscious to come to the foreground.
The connection between person and object can be as deep as the connection between people, maybe even deeper. Without verbal communication, only the essential remains - the person who feels and reflects. The object does not have to have a specific function to attract the observer's attention, on the contrary - the lack of a clear purpose triggers curiosity. Curiosity creates connection. Paintings have no meaning and purpose in themselves. The meaning comes when connection is established.
"Ventsislav Dikov's style is versatile - both figurative and abstract. The graphic aspect is also present in his work.
I am impressed by the purity of the drawing of the individual characters. The compositions are characterized by a rich variety of geometric and not so standard, bizarre shapes. In addition, the artist's handwriting stands out with an elegant, precise to perfection, graphic line. The set of listed elements draws the audience into the original, emotionally saturated universe of the artist, in which each of us travels subconsciously to other, undiscovered worlds."
Jerry Delphos
Curator, founder and owner of Espace Art Gallery, Brussels
Ventsislav Dikov was born in Sofia, in a family of musicians. He painted from an early age. Preferring to maintain his original style in the fine arts, he chose to study music and graduated from the Pancho Vladigerov National Music Academy and then the Hochschule für Musik in Münster, Germany, with classical guitar.
Since 2003, Ventsislav Dikov has been equally active as an artist and as a musician. He has had over thirty exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad (Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Cologne, Barcelona, ​​Luxembourg, etc.). He has participated in art residencies (Japan, Slovakia, Serbia) and group exhibitions. , Luxembourg, etc.) His
paintings are owned by private collections around the world.
Espace Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Graphite Gallery, Varna
Labyrinth Gallery, Plovdiv
Serdika Gallery, Sofia
Boris Hristov Museum, Sofia
Vidima Gallery, Sevlievo
Adora Gallery, Sofia
International Art Fair, Incheon, South Korea
Elena Karamikhailova Gallery, Shumen
A Cube Contemporary Gallery, Sofia
Gallery The Art Foundation, Sofia
Lesedra Gallery (group exhibition), Sofia
Astri Gallery (group exhibition), Sofia
Niche Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Iwase Museum, Sakuragawa, Japan
A Cube Contemporary Gallery, Sofia
Red Dot Gallery (group exhibition), Sofia
Gallery The Art Foundation, Sofia
Icarus Gallery, Sofia
A Cube Contemporary Gallery (group exhibition), Sofia
Carre d’Artistes Gallery, Cologne, Germany
GehAcht Art Space (group exhibition), Dresden, Germany
Jean-Pierre Barbance Gallery, Paris, France
Gallery Hotel de la Sur (group exhibition), Luxembourg
The Red House, Sofia
Cafe Bliss, Barcelona, ​​Spain
Ancient Cinema, Luxembourg
Green Cat Gallery, Sofia
Dalheim (group exhibition), Luxembourg
Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Berlin, Germany
Icarus Gallery, Sofia
Punto Gallery, Sofia
Gamzigrad (group exhibition), Serbia
Autograph Gallery, Plovdiv
Mojmirovce Castle (group exhibition), Slovakia
Ankara Art Forum (group exhibition), Ankara, Turkey
Bogoridi Gallery, Burgas
Gallery Hall Bulgaria, Sofia
Natalie Gallery, Sofia