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Marina Borisova

Marina lives in Varna. After graduating as a furniture designer, she worked on numerous projects in domestic design and furnishing.
Marina shares about herself:
"It's a great feeling to see your design finished and how an apartment turns into a home. Not all my projects are related to homes, however, I've designed several restaurants on the Black Sea coast, shops in Sofia and Varna. I never thought I would find my way back to school, but here I am - teaching interior design and computer graphics since 2003. Life is full of surprises. " 
Art has taken various forms in her life. Whether it is sketching and sewing clothes, carnival costumes, gathering, creating decorative items, modeling, furniture design, etc... In the last two years, she has rediscovered her passion for painting, and thus herself. It all started with attending a drawing lesson for amateurs. A year later, she was invited to teach at the same institution to inspire others to find their passion.
When she paints, she does not focus on certain topics, but on whatever she feels. She is fascinated by watercolor techniques and the mastery of foreign and Bulgarian artists. Andrian Bekyarov is one of her favorite native artists, from whom she took lessons. He feels close to the Russian school in the face of great artists such as Elena Bazanova, Julia Barminova, Sergei Zinovkin and many others.
She participated in the international competition for watercolor "Step by Step", where her painting reached the finals and was awarded.
In 2021 she made a solo exhibition at the Graphite Gallery in Varna.
Participates in a group exhibition "Lyrical Drawing" - organized in the same gallery from 12.05 - 12.06.2021.