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Leith Ridley

Leith Ridley is a French citizen born in South Africa where she graduated from university. She has been living in Bulgaria for some time.
She is a former classical dancer, artistic director in film and a decorator.
The styles, in which she works are diverse - from portraits in oil and acrylic to abstract landscapes. In her works, there is a delicate and sometimes dramatic play between space and movement, transparency and texture, achieved this with acrylic, oil, or both.
"I want the viewer to understand what he sees, to be able to penetrate inside the picture and never get tired of looking at it."
Currently, her greatest inspiration comes from the Bulgarian nature surrounding her. She takes the essence of what she sees, feels and turns it into colors ...
She paints almost only to order or for private sales until 2019.
Her works are shown in:
1982, Cork Gallery, general exhibitions
2005 and 2006 - "La Galerie de la Porte Heureuse",
2007 - solo exhibition in Bonn, "A tribute to the European great masters"
2013 - Gallery Europe, Sofia IWC Charity, mixed exhibition
2016 - The American Embassy in Sofia, mixed exhibition
2016 - Opening of Snow Pearl Gallery, mixed exhibition
2019 - Events in redwood, solo exhibition
2019 - The Cube Gallery in Sofia, solo exhibition 'Momentum'
2019 - Tom's Place, Solo Solo 'Summer' exhibition,
2019 - Ikar Gallery, Sofia, mixed "summer exhibition"
2019 - Parallax Art Fair, London, mixed exhibition,
2019 - 30X30, Astry Gallery, Sofia, mixed exhibition
2020 - Icarus Gallery, Sofia, mixed exhibition
2020 - ARTCO 19, Platform A6, National Palace of Culture
Her work has been featured online by Singulart and Saatchi, also by First Dibs and Artsper's Snow Pearl Gallery, Instagram and FB, the group Buy Art, Support an Artist.