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Pancho Malezanov

Pancho Malezanov was born in 1964 in the city of Sofia. He graduated from the Secondary Special Art School "St. Luka" in Sofia. Member of UBA.
1992 - Mericas Kifisia Athens Greece
1993 - 1996 - Ata-Rai Gallery Sofia
1994, 1995, 1997 - Makta Gallery Sofia
1997 - Sheraton Sofia-Hotel Balkan-Gallery Ata-Rai
1998 - National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria
1998 - Art Club Sofia
2000 - Romfey Gallery Plovdiv
2000 - Art-36 Gallery Sofia
2000 - City Gallery of Varna
2000 - 2003 - Draka Gallery Sofia
2001 - Gallery of Monitor Sofia newspaper
2003 - Irida Gallery Sofia
2004 - Apollo and Mercury Gallery Sofia
2004 - Avangard Gallery Plovdiv
2007 - Bulgarian Cultural Institute Berlin
2008 - Icarus Gallery Sofia
2011 - Anima Hilton Gallery Hotel Sofia Bulgaria
2011 - Bulgarian Cultural Institute London Great Britain
2014 - Artamontsev Gallery Sofia Bulgaria
2015 - Natalie Gallery Sofia Bulgaria
2016 - Pentimento Gallery Sofia Bulgaria
2017 - Bulgarian Cultural Institute London Great Britain
2017 - Moorhouse Art Gallery, London, U.K.
2018 - Nuance Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2019 - Arsenal of Arts Gallery, Kapana, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2020 - Evdokia Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2001 - Alehei von Schlippe Gallery-University of Connecticut USA
2001 - Washington, DC, USA
2002 - Gettysburg, USA
2002 - Bulgarian-Macedonian Cultural Center, Pittsburgh, USA
2003 - Delight Hamilton Seattle Gallery USA
2005 - Apollonia Arts Festival
2013 - Hay Hill Gallery London UK
2013 - Wimbledon Fine Art Gallery London Great Britain
2013 - Makta Gallery Kempinski Hotel Sofia Bulgaria
2014 - Hay Hill Gallery London UK
2015 - Slater Memorial Museum Norwich CT
2015 - Hay Hill Gallery London U.K.
2015 - Autumn Salon of Arts Vadenoyen Netherlands
2016 - Hay Hill Gallery London U.K.
2017 - Anwerp Art Fair
2018 - Art fair Lausanne
2018 - Nuance Gallery Sofia Bulgaria
The artist's paintings are owned by collectors from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Macedonia, USA, Canada and Bulgaria.
(Auto) portraits of Pancho Malezanov
Pancho Malezanov's car beasts invaded the city jungle Pentimento Gallery.
I've read that designers strive to give character to cars, often inspired by nature - sometimes their headlights look like the eyes of an owl or an eagle, sometimes the grilles gnash their teeth like a shark's teeth, sometimes the body is rounded like a purring kitten or hedgehogs. like a hungry tiger ... Not to mention the many horses under the hood ...
Exactly this character of the cars, and from the most expensive and retro brands, is solved in his new series "(Auto) portraits" by the artist Pancho Malezanov. First, because he has experience in drawing animals and knows their passions well. Second, because he sees his living characters embodied in metal, leather, glass. The result is futuristic - both a car and the character of a powerful untamed beast peeking through the windows. Not always, of course.
How can you not trust a brand whose radiator has a grille as colorful as the rainbow, whose headlights wink in many colors, and everything else shines, variegates and fills with Malezanov's imagination. He managed to turn the car into a living creature, which he released into the urban jungle.
You will definitely turn after such a car. And you will regret driving a boring black or white car. No problem - get ideas from the artist's exhibition on how to make both your life and your car colorful. If you don't want to risk insanely expensive retro stamps, you can at least put their "Malezanian" portrait on the wall and get in a good mood from how he gets hooked on technology, technology, arrogant cars with long biographies and makes them look like colorful room toys of grown boys.
Mila Vacheva - 24 Chasa newspaper, June 2017.
Prominent art critic Maximilian Kirov writes about the author:
... "Pancho Malezanov always prefers to communicate directly with nature, as a painter, but it is difficult to call him a landscape painter in the exact sense of the term. He is not interested in the specific motif, but prefers to strengthen the overall appearance of the native landscape, through an arbitrarily situated point of view in space, which does not take into account either the horizon line or the static position from which it fixes a natural object. It almost always has a kind of "bird" projection that allows it to contemplate But this is a "bird's eye" look, whose retina captures individual aspects of reality in the process of flying itself. right. In Bulgarian painting only the Great Kazakov was