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Iva Geo

I'm Iva Geo. I am inspired by personal transformation, personal authority and freedom, as a personal responsibility. I like to create with ​​a message that leads to the awakening of awareness of the inner world. I believe that one of the goals of painting and art forms is to transform the thinking and attitudes of society, to arouse empathy and to work for the benefit of emotional intelligence.
Let's put our EQ (emotional quotient) on the scales on an equal footing with our IQ (intelligence quotient). A bouquet of emotions and instincts are present in the most intellectually developed human beings. By denying any of these parts of us, we are denying ourselves, and therefore life as a whole. By accepting our poles, validating our weaknesses, we also validate everyone else's right to be themselves, to be meaningful to life - as it is. True empathy leads to the integration of one's own "shadow" and this is a path of profound personal transformation.
I graduated from the Geo Milev English High School in Ruse, where I studied painting with the Ruse artist Hrisand Hrisandov. Later in Sofia I graduated as a bachelor in Photography at NBU and two master's degrees in Painting - one at NBU, in the studio of Prof. Nikolay Maystorov and one at the National Academy of Arts, in the studio of Prof. Bozhidar Boyadzhiev. I am currently developing my PhD at the National Academy of Arts, Department of Painting.
I have presented three exhibitions on my own: one photographic (traveling around the USA, ME, USA, 2003) and two paintings.
My passion to dance prompted me to paint the paintings from my first painting exhibition - "Break", 2011. The years in which I actively practiced and studied to be a yoga instructor, found therapeutic expression in my paintings from "One of My Genes / OMG /", 2014. This is an exhibition of 12 archetypes (according to the psychology of KG Jung), which I consider in my mind, each one experienced by me personally during its painting. I have participated in three group exhibitions (Thessaloniki, 2011 "Pandora's Box"; Sofia, "I'm not, I'm not, I'm not" 2019; online "Christmas Exhibition", 2020).
For the past few years, I've been working as a VFX artist for video game company Haemimont Games, where I earn credits for games like Victor Vran, Surviving Mars and Tropico 5.