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Elena Zaharieva

My name is Elena Zaharieva and I am from Sofia. I graduated from art school, after which I developed independently as an artist. For me, the path in the fine arts is a long and interesting journey, which is inextricably linked with my search in other areas of culture and spirituality - literature, music, science, faith, ethics and philosophy.
I use techniques from a wide range of styles, including realism, impressionism, naivety, abstractionism. I periodically introduce new stylistic nuances in order to better convey the meaning, messages, feelings and moods that I put into my paintings. The works that I offer to the public attention are mainly landscapes made on my own ideas, on my own photos or memories from my travels in different parts of Bulgaria and the world.
For a long time I shared my paintings only in a small circle, but in 2020 I decided to share some of my work with a wider audience. I took part in the 10th International Biennial of Small Forms in Pleven, as well as in several other exhibitions, such as "Spring Salon 2021" in Gabrovo and two exhibitions of Watercolorists and connoisseurs in Dupnitsa.