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Isabel Nemecek - Moinova

"The fisherman has caught three goldfish and while smoking a pipe, he wonders whether to fulfill one wish. The little prince is ready to fly with the aspiration of the birds…" - excerpts from an article in the magazine Economics, issue 100 February 2021 ..And Isabel Nemecek knows how to tell stories with clay, which everyone can write later.
Isabel Alfred Nemecek - Moinova was born in 1969 in Sofia, Bulgaria. As a child, Isabel loved to paint and master with her hands. But then he moves away from this favorite pastime. In 1996 graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) as a hydraulic engineer. For several years after graduation, she worked as an architectural designer, but inwardly she felt something pulling her elsewhere. Ten years ago, a strong creative call and living force appeared, which is gaining more and more energy. For a while he lived in a deep internal conflict: whether to choose the unknown direction or to continue on the beaten path. He moves forward blindly, doing things gradually, without thinking about the result. She left herself to the process, painted and came to remember the clay ... In the summer of 2012 she decided to sell to the tourists at sea what she had made, and with the money to buy the first kiln. He works, experiments and learns - from what he has read, seen, from his experience and most of all from his mistakes. He finds himself and feels the power of devotion. He realized that when something comes from the heart, it is blessed by the universe. That is why he is holding a Christmas exhibition at the Paris Gallery in Sofia.
Her creative activity is the making of ceramic sculptures. With them, Isabel Nemecek invites us to awaken the vitality and energy of the child within us in order to rediscover ourselves. She rejoices when the magic of the friendly connection takes place between the sculpture and its owner. This is her main activity. This is the activity that fills her with joy and enthusiasm, so she feels complete and useful. She is a self-taught artist. In the creative process she is guided by curiosity and the desire to invent more and more new plots and stories. He does everything by hand and even if the plot is similar, each figure has its own radiance and character. It is important for her that her works bring a message to people, to create emotion. "I'm looking for the paradox and the element of surprise in the plot," said Nemecek.
Works with galleries in Bulgaria and abroad. Many of her works are owned by clients from different countries. She has participated in several festivals and exhibitions:
The Cluj-Napoca Ceramics Festival in Romania in 2019
The Festival of Contemporary Bulgarian Ceramics in 2019
Two solo exhibitions at the Paris Gallery in Sofia in 2019 and 2020.
The National Optimistic Exhibition to the Buy Art Platform in 2021