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Latinka Makaveeva

Latinka Makaveeva - LATINA deals mainly with watercolors. Favorite themes are landscapes, flowers, watercolor cards. Watercolors are said to be gentle, inspired and painted with feeling ...
Unexpectedly she made a turn and received a higher education as a hydraulic engineer. Despite the challenge of the profession, the passion for painting did not disappear. In parallel, in the city of Pleven, where she works, she attended a painting course with famous artists.
"Sounds like silver steam" is a rating for a watercolor, quite encouraging! At the same time she participated in the annual spring exhibition, received incentives and awards for his watercolor and oil paintings. In a period of change, a thought saved her: "Paint, repaint, Van Gogh."
The walls in her house and of some friends' are copies of the famous 4 and 12 sunflowers, Anemones, Fritillaria, Irises, Oleanders .... All are the sizes that Van Gogh used ... But at the same time, she paints the views from his window and the one from the Water Palace, where he works, Lake Kleptuza, the river, portraits, etc.
Later, in Sofia, she got acquainted with the work of the great watercolorist Ivan Dodov and was very impressed. So much color, feeling, light, magic and energy, inimitable style ... She does not hesitate for a moment and starts attending the courses 6 years. This is the most serious activity, which is close to the pursuit of improvement. In addition to the favorite wet-on-wet technique, watercolor provides many other job opportunities. Followed by fruitful fairs in the island of Thassos, Lovech, Staro Stefanovo, Iskar Gorge, Veliko Tarnovo and surroundings, Apriltsi and others. Each school year ends with an exhibition of students. Her work folder swells and each one is one step better. 
In 2018 she was invited to participate in the international competition "Painting by many" for the prize "Knight of the audience brush", organized by the Art Center "Orchid". Participates in the 8th international pleinair "Pier" for sculpture and painting in Pomorie, with paintings for charity. He is a member of IWS Bulgaria and Fabriano, IWS Art Contest and other communities. In 2018 was ranked for the I Biennial in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia through IWS Bulgaria with the watercolor painting "Providence". He is a member of "Watercolorists of Light" and provides 2 paintings for the watercolor fair in Thailand for 2020, May. With three paintings he participated in the competition "Peace, Love, Tolerance" in Izmir, Turkey for May 2020, organized by the IWS Art Contest, www Globle. Participates with the painting "Sunny Morning" for the cover of a magazine for the same community.
Due to the pandemic, the events did not take place. He draws cards for the online competition "Christmas magic on paper". Registers participations in general club exhibitions, galleries, etc. With three paintings he participated in the exhibition "Watercolor". Provides paintings in the Absinthe Gallery. In 2020 is a member of the "Buy Art, Support an Artist" community, where he provides an album. After the first art exhibition "Artko19", held in Platform A6 of the National Palace of Culture at the end of September, an Autumn Art Auction is held. The watercolor painting 38/56 "Night over Tsarevets" was sold successfully. He participated in the Christmas online exhibition with the painting "Diffraction", and in the Optimistic online exhibition with "Watercolor scents", which are already with connoisseurs. The next watercolor "Children of Perun" is provided. All watercolor paintings are 56/38 in size.
What is the inspiration? The idea comes suddenly, grabs you, the environment disappears, as in the writing of poetry, as in every birth, sorrow .... The belief is that art does not need so much truth, but a complex beauty. In the age of digital photography, the fine arts require more than just realism. Because photography handles this task much better than the artist.
Expressing yourself, creating beautiful things to make people happy, making new friends, living ... This is what ... breaks away from the heart.