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Milena Gaitandjieva

Milena Gaitandjieva was born in 1980 in the town of Yambol. He graduated from the Dimitar Dobrovich National Art School in Sliven in 1999, majoring in Artistic Fabric and higher art education at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia in 2004, with a bachelor's degree in Textiles. He currently lives and works in Sofia. He works in the field of graphic and textile design, and in his personal work he prefers to express himself through painting on canvas.
Milena's paintings are dominated by a wide range of shades such as bright and saturated tones to black and white. He loves the texture and effects of spilled paint, as well as experiments with various techniques. Her works are characterized by a combined style from realistic-impressionist to purely abstract. He says that he loves to experiment and strives to convey the emotion and excitement of the creative process to the viewer.
He has participated in a number of joint exhibitions. Her works are in the possession of galleries and private collections in Bulgaria, Great Britain, the USA, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.