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Vesselin Tsakov

Vesselin Tsakov, born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1988.
I live and work in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
I am responsible for Atelier and Gallery "Acrylics" and the former "Bookstore of Art".
I'm an economist by education.
Events and exhibitions:
2019 "Art format" galleries "Acrylics" Plovdiv
2020 Solo exhibition: "TRASH POP" Gallery Seven, Kapana, Plovdiv
2020 "Only the people of Plovdiv" gallery "Churchuliev"
Dimitrovgrad with curator Kostadin Otonov
2020 Artco19 Expo National Palace of Culture Sofia
2020 Christmas exhibition on
2021 National Optimistic Exhibition on d0% be% d0% b2 /? fbclid = IwAR0_G_CdMkuAbuef1fwDm8vegLHt-FSr3utLbHxInRKPhUxerVLRPYyu_1Y