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Petra Dobrevska

Petra Dobrevska was born in the beautiful and artistic city of Plovdiv. Carry his creative spirit and energy with you! There were also her first exhibitions and performances as an artist.
He graduated from the Art High School in Plovdiv, the Academy of Arts in Sofia and majoring in painting in the class of Nikolay Maystorov. He lives and works in Sofia.
Painting is her passion and element, but she also has experience in many other fields of art such as painted animation, professional make-up and body art, performance art and installations, visual poetry, etc. There are many realized projects and exhibitions.
Many of her paintings are owned by collectors from Bulgaria, Germany, America, Spain and the Czech Republic. She has 20 solo exhibitions, including many other joint exhibitions.
1996 - Painting Exhibition - Shipka 6, Sofia
1996 - First solo exhibition - "Experiments" KKD, Pleven
1998 - Painting Exhibition - Balabanova House, Plovdiv
1999 - "The Circle" - painting, Seasons Gallery, Sofia
2000 - 16/27 - exhibition installation in urban environment - the bridge of the National Palace of Culture, Sofia
2000 - Painting on a Wall - Praha
2000 - "Parts of a room" - visual installation and drawings, Pleven
2001 - "Courtyards" - performance art, painting, drawings, photographs - Center for Culture and Debate "Red House" Sofia
2002 - "On the Road" - exhibition insolation, Krug Gallery, Sofia
2002 - painting course, Mallorca, Spain
2002 - Participation in a joint exhibition Painting -Barcelona
2005 - painting, Yoga Art Studio Om, Sofia
2008 - "Bright Blue Days" - City Hotel, Sofia
2010 - "Stolen Wings" - painting, Gaia Gallery, Sofia
2016 - “Hope” - painting, Greenweech Book Center, Sofia
2018 - “Something like a kay, somethink like a flower…” - Chaya Tea Room, Sofia
2020 - "Primorska Palette" - Primorsko
2020 - I work as a freelancer as a professional artist.
2021 - Brave Creation Gallery - Sofia Painting Exhibition - "Infinity" by Petra Dobrevskat