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Become a BUYART.BG artist

Become a BUYART.BG artist




Buyart.BG is an online gallery that allows artists to sell their works!
We unite artists in the name of a common goal - to help each other. We want to prove that there can be and function a real art market in Bulgaria and online!
On this platform, we organize for you, the authors, and for the admirers of your art monthly exhibitions, in which we present one work by each participating author and regular solo exhibitions of authors who have participated in at least three joint ones.







Rules for participation in the exhibitions of the Online Gallery КупиИзкуство.БГ / BuyArt.BG  


To become one of the authors in the online gallery of КупиИзкуство.БГ / BuyArt.BG, you must apply with an online form.
For the month of SEPTEMBER will be available in mid-August.
Fill in the form and send one work with at least 3 photos: general, details of the work, and if possible, a photo in an interior setting and of the back of the painting. During the selection, for each exhibition, the author should sign in a representation contract with the gallery.



Joint monthly exhibition:


General exhibitions are organized every calendar month. An invitation to participate is sent to the authors by email in the middle of the previous month. Registration for information about the upcoming exhibitions is at


The application is done via an electronic form, one work is sent with at least 3 photos: general, details and if possible a photo in the interior and back.


The works in the monthly exhibitions are assembled via selection. The arrangement is in the order of submission and includes up to 80 pieces, one per author. For every sale, another work by the author is added.


The works must be available during the exhibition, in order to be sent by courier and NOT to be offered elsewhere. Our experience shows that with larger differences in prices between КупиИзкуство.БГ / BuyArt.BG and the rest of the online market, the sales are low and it makes no sense for us to represent you.


The commission for a general exhibition is 25%. The final price offered by the authors must be commensurate with the prices at which they offer their works on the Internet.


You can get acquainted with the way of DELIVERY with ECONT,  and for outside Bulgaria - DHL


Individual Exhibition:


For individual exhibitions the commission is 40% and up to 8 exclusive works by an author are accepted. A new one is added to each sale so that a total of 8 items is maintained.


An individual sub-menu is created in the online gallery with the authors name, gallery of pieces and CV with a photo.


Individual mass advertising and interview for the page of КупиИзкуство.БГ





The gallery commission covers the following resources:

- Mass advertising on the Internet (Google and social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram)

- Taxes are paid by the gallery, and the author is to declare them at the end of the accounting year.

- Logistics for delivery in the country is done with Econt, and abroad with DHL, which includes preferential pricing, making the works more attractive to potential buyers. Logistics of delivery (issuing bills of lading, tracking shipments, correspondence with buyers and customer service support), which greatly lightens the standard duties of the authors on the technical aspect of sales.

- Opportunity to be selected for presentation by us for sale of your works abroad through our English Language Gallery. Subscribe to find out first. 




We will soon open the application platform for the monthly SEPTEMBER exhibition.


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