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How we started


In March 2020, during the tumultuous first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, we launched our initiative: the Facebook group 'Buy Art, Support an Artist'. This project transformed into a sturdy platform with a clear vision: to change the Bulgarian art market and the attitude towards Bulgarian contemporary fine art, thus empowering artists to thrive. Through strategic branding, we've been democratizing the access to Bulgarian contemporary art. Our efforts are aimed to reshaping perceptions, making art ownership more attainable, and encouraging broader investment in this vibrant cultural landscape.


Our achievements


Our Facebook group operates as a dynamic platform where creators, upon administrator approval, showcase their works through personalized albums and engage in direct negotiations with potential buyers. To date, we have curated a large collection of over 10 000 artworks, resulting in thousands successful transactions. Undoubtedly, this achievement places our group's status as the premier destination for art sales within the Bulgarian Facebook community.


Furthermore, we took our commitment to promoting art outside the internet by hosting an art fair at Platform A6 within the honourable 'National Palace of Culture'. Over the span of two busy days, we introduced 100 talented artists to the public, providing them with a platform to showcase and sell their works. Statistically, this event was considered the largest and most successful event in Bulgaria for the year 2020.


At the end of 2020, we launched the Online Gallery КупиИзкуство.бг / BuyArt.BG


Emerging amidst the closure of galleries and museums during the challenging second wave of the pandemic, our initiative was born out of necessity, yet it quickly evolved. Remarkably, nearly 20% of the showcased works found their buyers so far, underscoring the profound impact of our platform in connecting artists with appreciative audiences.


We began with a single Christmas exhibition. Yet, it has blossomed into a recurring showcase of artistic talent. Our commitment to promoting art has led us to organize monthly exhibitions in our gallery, providing a consistent platform for artists to display their work. Additionally, we've curated an extensive archive of pieces that are readily available for purchase, ensuring a seamless experience for art lovers and collectors.


Our space


At 49 Pop Bogomil Street in Sofia, we've established our Art Depository - a multifunctional space serving as a logistical hub, depot, photo studio, and office all rolled into one. This dynamic venue is more than just a physical location; it's the epicenter of our aim to empower artists and cultivate a vibrant art community. Here, we're planning artist training programs, broadcasted online for accessibility, teaching artists how to present themselves professionally. Additionally, we plan to develop specialized courses with guest lecturers for buyers, prospective collectors and art investors. Through these educational initiatives, we aim to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of art among enthusiasts and collectors alike.


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Let us all together, the artists and admirers of Bulgarian art, to catalyze profound and irreversible positive change in our art environment. By harnessing the power of creativity and passion, we can contribute to shaping our society towards a future full with innovation, cultural enrichment, and artistic expression.