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At the end of March 2020, during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, we created the Facebook group "Buy art, support an artist"

We called our initiative Platform because we planned it to stay not only on Facebook, but to develop various activities to improve the art market and help artists sell their works better. Nine months later we can take stock of what has been achieved and in the new 2021 we will continue to realize our ideas and we hope that together we will be able to change the attitude towards contemporary Bulgarian art, make it more accessible and many more people to they start buying it to enjoy its presence in their home, to collect it and as an investment that can be more profitable than any other.

This is what we have achieved so far:

Facebook group, in which, after approval by an administrator, the authors can create albums with their works and negotiate with those who want to buy them. To date, more than 10,000 works have been uploaded and probably more than 1,000 purchases have been made. This is the most successful group for direct sales in the Bulgarian part of Facebook.

We organized the first Art Exhibition - in Platform A6 of the National Palace of Culture, in which for two days 100 authors presented to the public and sold their works. It can already be said categorically that this was the largest and most successful art event in Bulgaria in 2020, realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

At the end of 2020 we launched the Online Gallery /
We started with a Christmas exhibition, and this year we will continue to organize monthly exhibitions in the gallery, and all works in them will be available for purchase. The online gallery was created due to the re-closure of galleries and museums in the second wave of the pandemic, but although we learned on the go, almost 10% of the works presented were sold.

Suggestions for curatorial and individual exhibitions can be sent by e-mail:

They will be reviewed by the administrators of the group "Buy art, support an artist"

We created the Art Depository space at Pop Bogomil 49 in Sofia, which will serve as a logistics center, a depot for viewing paintings, a photo studio and an office. There we will conduct trainings, which we will broadcast online in order to develop the skills of the authors to present their art more professionally. We will also organize courses with lectures for buyers, future collectors and investors in art, auctions, etc.

Let us all together, the artists and admirers of Bulgarian art, change the environment in which we live by imposing irreversible development in a positive direction.

We comply with all privacy rules when storing your personal data and will send information only about the activities of the Platform!